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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
C'mon we all have ventured to snap a dandelion puff or two in our day. You know the one, the classic "here's how good my macro/close-up is" shot. Well here's a chance to bring them out to see the light of day.

Well I confess to never tiring of the patterns and textures of our natural world - and I think the puff-balls are quite the phenomenon. So here's one to kick us off....taken with the Sigma DP2s and AML-1 close-up filter. Simple B+W conversion.

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Obligatory dandelion shot by stillshunter, on Flickr


Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Thank you Mark for starting this thread on the ubiquitous dandelion! Yours reminds me of a geodesic dome - although much more etherial. We don't have any dandelions, yet, we've just hit crocus stage. I promise to take a photograph when they emerge.:biggrin:

As much as many consider them weeds, they do have such sunny dispositions.


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Agree wholeheartedly with you BB. They do have a nice effect on the viewer. I especially like their 'gone to seed' form. It takes me back to a childhood where you could not help but rejoice in the act of blowing them and watching the heads catch the light as they scattered through the air. I suppose each of us is a little responsible for the spread of them then :redface: Though what an excellent evolutionary mechanism....the one's that appeal to curious children the most, thrive, globally!

So I wouldn't consider them a weed, just utterly successful. Though they do sometimes get in the way of this random photo demonstrates :wink:

Heavy Butterfly? by stillshunter, on Flickr


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Nov 3, 2018
It is a shame it’s considered a weed!
My neighbors consider them weeds and seem to be in competition to see how close they can get their lawns to resemble golf course greens. I view them more as lawn ornaments and let them go, especially as I don't like using chemicals on the grass because of our dogs. I'm pretty sure some of my neighbors hate me. 🤣
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
Kevin, you're welcome in our neighborhood. We have a couple of anti-weed zealots that hire companies to spray toxic stuff all over their lawn (and while they post warning to stay off the grass for a day...and the smell is truly toxic, the guys they pay minimum wage to spray the lawns wear NO breathing protection). I really want to film these poor suckers and share some info with the local news. If anyone really thought about it.....

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