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The Netherlands
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I've had two goes at this door this week and can't seem to get it sharp, plus I processed it from RAW on my little Linux netbook, and the colours have come out really weird and the straightening hasn't worked properly ... whatever
And I'm taken with your first, Roni - love the colors and the different signs... That doorway and the jewelry store's front is such a breath of life and beauty there. Obviously, this jeweler has an artist's eye for design.:flowers_2:
Thanks! I took that one with my S90 in Portovenere, Italy last summer. All I had with me was my S90 that particular day (I was shooting with an EP2 almost the whole trip, but left it behind that day) and I got an awful lot of my best photos of the trip that day. And then I sold the S90... I've never been accused of brilliance....