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Quebec, Canada
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Bart J D

Is there anybody here who can explain what those chalk numbers above the door mean?
We saw them everywhere - particularly in the Alsace region - and were told they were dates, but I cannot make them out
google tells me that C+M+B stands for "Christus Mansionem Benedicat" Christ Blesses this House.
the numbers are supposed to form the year: 2019 in this case.
Normally it's the children that go from door to door on January 6th - the day of the "three kings" (the 12th day).
The children ring and sing a number or songs and they get some small change from the people.
That part is even know here in Belgium. The writing of the blessing isn't or not anymore. The markings were supposed to stay until Pentecost. Stayed until the following year sometimes.
It is also mentioned that the initials of the "three kings" are also C, M and B: Caspar, Melchior & Balthasar.
The articles I read mention this to occur in Austria and in South Tyrol which is originally Austria as well of course.
I would add the links but the articles are in Dutch. 20+C+M+B+20 (betekenis van deze markering in Oostenrijk) ( and Waar komt het C+M+B in krijt boven de deur in de Alpen vandaan? (
Not an issue perhaps?
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Irene McC

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Wow @Bart J D !!! I am so very grateful to you for this incredibly interesting information.
Some weird coincidence is that 06 January is my wedding day; unknowingly about all the other connotations

That's fine; I speak German and Afrikaans and between the two can understand Dutch (y)
Belgium was fantastic; we spent some time there in 2019 and absolutely loved it although we didn't get to see enough.
Such a beautiful country; we (my daughter and I) had in fact booked another overseas trip to spend more time in Belgium and were due to depart in April 2020.
Well, as you can guess THAT never happened.

I'm off to read your linked articles; thanks again; super helpful