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Most likely kahawai, which is quite a sporting fish, and puts up a good fight. I don't know about here, but in the Wairarapa my father used to catch red cod on a surf caster. Occassionally a nice snapper is caught both here and the Wairarapa as well. In NZ many people consider kahawai a rubbish fish, but I find it is great to eat if it is bled as soon as it is landed. Many different delicious ways to cook it too.
Thanks Rose, you know quite a bit about fishing. Do you partake?

I used to, but not a huge amount. My father was a very keen fisherman, and used to build little boats to go fishing in. When I say little four people or even five could go out in them. after he sold the last boat he used to go surf casting a fair bit.

I went out in the boat a few times, years ago, and caught a few blue cod and parrot fish. Once a barracuda took my line which caused consternation, as it circled the boat over and over, and the guys had to get their lines in pronto, or lose them. The barracuda was full of sea lice so no good for eating. After I had my son my sea sickness was worse, and I felt very responsible for my son, so stopped going out in the boat.

Last time I fished was Christmas Eve 2005 or 2006, and for some reason having to bleed the kahawai put me completely off, and I just couldn't do it any more.

A friend's husband is very keen though, and I sometimes get the benefit of that. They both dive for crayfish and paua as well.
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