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Revisited some flowers I saw over the weekend, but with much better weather this morning. I'm very much liking the combination of the GX9 and Pen F 38/1.8.
I really like my GX9, as well. I purchased the GX9 primarily for street shooting with my small primes(O17-f/1.8, O45-f/1.8). I also own a Pen-f, that I also like very much, but prefer a tilt only screen for street shooting.

The funny thing is....I almost didn’t purchase the GX9 because, at least here in the U.S., you can only buy it new, as a kit with the Lumix 12-60. I relented, however, when Panasonic had a sale. Long story, short....the Lumix 12-60 is fast becoming one of my most used lenses on the camera. The relatively small size for a 24-120 FF equivalent focal length lens is quite amazing, and it balances very well on the GX9. This is mostly because of its light weight(close to half the weight, of my 12-40 pro(210 vs 382 grams) and relatively short length. It’s quite stubby, in fact. When I need to go wider, I opt for my very small, but very good O9-18.

Of course, the viewfinder could be better(and not so easily tilted), but it’s more than adequate to get the job done. The biggest shortcoming for me, is the fairly poor battery life. The battery in my Pen-f seems to last twice as long. Definitely get a spare battery...or two!!
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