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Looks like Devon is (as expected) a bit ahead of Cheshire with the spring wild flowers. The ramsons are just starting to come out, celandines have been out for a while, but no sign of stitchwort or dog violets yet. And I've seen one campion flower so far.
Martin, some of our early plants have suffered from the generally cold conditions throughout April, apparently it's been the worst April for frosts in the last 60 years so plants like Alexanders, a member of the carrot family and introduced here by the Romans (I'm not sure if they extend as far north as Cheshire, if they do they'll be very close to the coast) have often collapsed due to frost damage, as have common nettles. Other stuff is much later, say 2-3 weeks later, than normal, as indeed are migratory birds. Indeed some early arriving insectiverous migrant birds have struggled with the cold conditions delaying insect emergence or indeed killing off some insects. I'm off for my 2nd vaccine dose bright and early tomorrow morning and the temperature is forecast to be about the same as when I queued up fro my first dose in mid February, although obviously it warms up better during the day, a poor year so far.


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