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You are all making me hungry.

Armanius - is that a pho? Beautiful!

Bill, I'm in agreement those chickens look a little too real uncooked. Although I am not a vegetarian, and I have actually "plucked" a chicken after it was dispatched, I am a bit queasy about their flesh...any animal's flesh. I could quite easily be a vegetarian and if I were living alone, I have a feeling I would be - if I could eat fish.

pdh, your lunch looks quite tasty and I really enjoyed the rest of your photos very much!:thumbsup:


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Lettuce wrap with grilled pork belly and spicy Asian root beer sauce

I spent a bit of time thinking of what I wanted to prepare for my friend's grill party. Every time we get together, it's a shootout of who can create a great tasting, yet unique dish. We pulled no punches, and I was quite proud of what I managed to concoct.. In fact, my friend still raves about the sauce.

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