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Processed the heck out of this one on account of it being a very tight crop from a now 10 year old camera shot at ISO 1600 (which was about as high as I ever wanted to go at the time.) So I ran it through DxO PureRAW's Deep Prime to clean up the noise and then through Adobe's Super Resolution to embiggen the file. I'm experimenting with the trial version of Deep Prime and I'm sufficiently impressed with the results so far to buy it. This is the first file where I've combined both features and they seem to work well together which means even more noisy, low-res or highly cropped images from days gone by can be rescued. (Since I wiped some of the exif data along the way, this is taken with a Sony NEX5 with 18-55 kit lens, 1/50th at f8 and ISO 1600.)


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