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This remodeling project has sat abandoned at least since I first saw it several years ago, if not a lot longer. There are piles of neatly stacked overgrown construction materials around it, along with a realty sign. The gravel road that runs in front of it dead-ends at the bike path I was riding. It seems like a prime location for a vacation cottage or retirement home.


At Sagene, Oslo, Norway. Its a area that is full of possibilities when it comes to photography. I really should hit it with a proper camera. This is actually the outing that pushed me over the edge towards getting a proper pocket shooter againg, for tactility and flexibility.


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This is a 3-shot stack, the main reason for stacking is to balance the highlights and shadows. I had to blend in the left of the frame from an earlier shot when the trees were better lit, and for the right part of the frame I used my cellphone flashlight to give it more depth, albeit doesn't match the left side at all.

I hope no one mistakes the wires as a part the frame I chose.

DSC09560_ILCE-6400_1.6_8.0_100_33.0 mm_E 17-70mm F2.8 B070.jpg

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