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This bridge is from old industrial village where is nowadays industrial museum from the days cardboard was mostly manually made for the whole world, including New Zealand etc. Pakistanis ordered still some "handboard" from Verla, 12 years after the factory was closed. I have plenty of pictures from this unique place, also from the factory where time has stopped 18.7.1964. All the tools and machinery are left as they were on the last day. And that's quite unique, normally machines were sold further or demolished for the metal. But here they are (almost) as factory started and as they were left on the last day. Closing the factory took 12 years, during which all the younger workers changed to the modern factories to continue their working careers. Some 100 old workers, some being there for more than 50 years were left to continue their work until they decided that they didn't have the strength to continue hard work anymore. I doubt there hasn't been such a soft factory closing anywhere in the world before and since. But that made it possible to have this unique place.

I'm planning to share some pictures, but I must warn you, it's going to be extremely picture heavy 😉

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