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May Lane, St Peters, an inner city suburb of Sydney.

The first two were shot with my Olympus E-P1 and Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95. It just seemed like the right lens to use.



3 May Lane Street Art ov by peterb666, on Flickr



5 No Parking - Driveway in Use ov by peterb666, on Flickr

The following ones were shot with my Nikon D90 and 10-24mm Nikkor.



6 May Lane - Tom I Need You by peterb666, on Flickr

# 4


4 May Lane Junk by peterb666, on Flickr

# 5


7 Corner of May Lane and Goodsell Street by peterb666, on Flickr

CC welcome.
Thanks BB

I didn't like the colours in the original of the one in the b&w thread. I have since reprocessed it using similar settings to the shot taken with the Olympus E-P1 and it looks much better. Here it is...


8 May Lane 2 Colour by peterb666, on Flickr

Nikon D90 and Nikkor 10-24mm zoom set to 24mm. The exposure is for 1/200s at f/7.1 and ISO200.


@TraamisVOS - i'd guess that George was there quite a few years ago ... perhaps not less than 150 of them is my guess ...

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