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The Netherlands
This one is entitled "Horses in the sky"

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I like the second and third in your first set - you can see the muscles working and the strength of the horse. I like the little spiral hi tail makes in the third one. He (? not good on horse anatomy) looks like he's about to attack the post in the first one:)
Herman, I knew we had to have a thread devoted to horses, but had missed it until just now! Very nicely done - I like the layering of color fields, literally as well as figuratively. Very nice contrast with this almost pure white horse. Great view!
I love horses, too, Dave. During my college days, I had the great fortune of becoming friends with an older farmer fellow - a real character who became a great friend. He had several hundred acres and a spring fed watering trough.... He and some of his family helped me buy my first horse...and I had the time of my life... Many happy memories riding through the countryside with my faithful Shetland Sheepdog following me through the fields and woods...and even riding up on the saddle with me, if we needed to cross a state road. Ah, the good old days. I don't think I can ever see enough of horses.