Nature Show 'Insect'

First try at focus stacking. Green grasshopper, 6 images stacked. I think it could have been better using a few more images and a smaller differential between focus points and using a tripod instead of hand held.

Gtreen Grasshopper V2.jpg
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I think that that's pretty good Rick!
Thanks Charzes. Oly camera will automatically take several shots moving the focus point. However, it may take a second or two to take them (depends on shutter speed) and the insect may move. I think this is what happened with the head as it is not as sharp as I hoped. Also it's missing an antenna! This was the best out of about a dozen "takes". I used paint shop pro to stack the images. I admire those photographers who can get images of insects very close up and very sharp. But now I have tried it I realise that it's not that difficult.