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I can see I really need to step up my game if I'm going to post any bug shots here.
Here's my meager effort from this morning when I just grabbed my camera for some quick shots this morning.
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Mind you, I was just trying to take some pictures and the bee happened to be there, honest. Made my day that I was able to get the shot in somewhat reasonable fashion. SOOC jpeg except for cropping. Thanks for letting me post here.
Not sure how close that zoom will focus, but if you're interested in occasional macro, definitely check out the Raynox 150 or 250 auxiliary lenses.


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You have to look closely. He's called Wally!
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bee in bird hole.JPG
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Driving through a parking lot this afternoon I noticed a dark bird disappear into this hole in a birch tree. So, I pulled up about 50 feet away and waited to see if it would fly out. I set the camera up on a bean bag on the edge of my driver's window and kept focus on the hole. This bumble bee made about 3 attempts to enter the hole but each time he got cold feet and turned away. Probably a good thing. I'm sure he would have ended up on cable in the Bee version of "Seconds from Disaster."

I waited about 20 minutes but I never saw that bird come back out. It started to rain so I roll up my window, picked up my marbles and went home. I'll be keeping and eye on this birch over the next few days to see if any little heads start coming to the window.