Nature Show Landscape

John King

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Beaumaris, Melbourne, Australia
John ...
Dan, I don't think that the f/1.8 45 likes being stopped down as far as that! There appears to be a lot of diffraction softening in your pretty photo.

Some lenses (and subjects) cope with small apertures OK. My FTs 14-54 MkII shows quite distinctive diffraction softening at f/7.1 with some subjects, yet appears tack sharp with others at f/11 or even smaller.

OTOH, my 12-100 is happy as Larry at f/13. But not at f/16 ...

Those who categorically state that diffraction softening commences at such and such f/stop values for lenses for specific formats are demonstrably wrong, IMNSHO. It's different from lens to lens IME.


Manchester, UK.
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Herbert Hound

The Welsh Borders
Mt Roland Tasmania [twice! :rolleyes:]

[Just bye the bye...I occasionally post an image that wont respond to a click that would normally bring up a view of the complete image.
This image is one of those.....any known reason why ? ]

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It's something to do with the sizing of your photo, whether it's landscape or portrait orientation, and the device you're viewing it on. Your picture does respond to me tapping on it... I'm viewing it on my smallish screen tablet.