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Today was a true "13th": I took the FZ1000 along for a little birding on the side ... But after this third (preliminary) frame, the battery died (because of the cold!).

So, two cameras out (the other one was the MiNT RF70) within the first ten minutes - and a heavier backpack than usual for nothing. But at least I like this shot.

Bad things are known to happen on the 13th :eek:
A long time ago, a customer noticed one of his reports didn't add up with another report.
I answered: Oh I see what happened. You ran the report on Friday the 13th.
He was not amused :rolleyes:


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Overlooking Florac
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

This rather spectacular rock face is near the Château de Montvaillant and it overlooks the town of Florac. We pass along its base as we left Florac on the Chemin de Stevenson.

Chemin de Stevenson-2018-D10-07: Day 10 of 12 – Florac to Gare de Cassagnas: Walking the Chemin de Stevenson (#GR70 Robert Louis Stevenson Trail) in the south of France.

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