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Hypo Haus, Munich

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LX3 ISO80 f4 1/500 7.4mm
Ray, great shots. Fantastic light and love the shadow patterns from the roof. Is this a museum? or arts venue?

Tanngrisnir3, I like your angle on this shot. So structured but so much going on too.
Ray, great shots. Fantastic light and love the shadow patterns from the roof. Is this a museum? or arts venue?
Thanks Olli. Its a performing arts center. The big glass atrium houses a symphony hall, where the Philadelphia Orchestra plays (its the darker wooden structure I'm looking across at in the first three pictures), and the smaller Perelman theatre, which I'm standing on top of in the first three (roof garden up there) and looking up at on the left in the last one. There's a full french restaurant in the building, a little coffe cafe, a bunch of offices, and smaller performance and rehearsal spaces. I still think of it as a brand new facility, but its been open nearly 10 years now. So, its far from old, but its a part of the city's fabric by now.

I'm with Mayank on my favorite amongst all those great shots, Ray. That Apple Store picture is a winner.

Love seeing everyone's and it is kind of gratifying to me when I can recognize a roof line or two, such as in yours Peter.;)
Deirdre, I recall seeing that shot of the staircase that your husband took - loved it then and I still do!

The starry night dome is a beauty, and I like the juxtaposition of the new against the old in your third.
Same Apple store, different perspective. Taken by my husband last year.

I had seen that Apple Store photo by your husband (although I had no idea it was taken at the same place!) and I recall thinking of it after I took the one at the Apple store. And then when I originally posted my shot, I went back and found it and then clicked through to your Flickr page and saw that it was taken at the very same spot. So I acknowledged that and paid you and your husband a debt of gratitude for whatever level of subconscious inspiration that shot provided - in a continuation of the thread it first appeared in. Here's a link to the two of them back to back:

Show Staircases - Micro Four Thirds User Forum

So again, thanks to him for taking it and you for showing it. I have no idea if I'd have 'seen' that shot without having seen his first, but it surely couldn't have made it any less likely!

And thanks to everyone for the kind words and the great shots... Peter, that's gotta be the Opera House, no?