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Pompidou Centre


I was in London a couple of weeks ago and visited the Richard Rodgers retrospective at the Royal Academy so it seemed appropriate when I was in Paris last week to take a (strongly corrected) shot of the Pompidou Centre.


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Martin Connolly
In the center of Birmingham is a building that looks as fantastical to me as a Cathedral would have looked in the 15th century. It's a place of retail rather than religion, though I'm not sure everyone can tell the difference. It's even more appealing to me as it faces the Gothic St Martins Church.

The Blob, I love it;

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#2 looks like Bender from Futurama :smile:...great pics


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WAC #2 The Fremantle Lodge by Andrew Priest (Aushiker), on Flickr

This photograph continues my social history project documenting both the mundane and the interesting in the City of Fremantle and surrounding areas through the medium of Waymarking [1].

This building is the home of Freemasonry in Fremantle, a masonic lodge formed out of the amalgamation The Applecross-Fremantle Lodge No 2 and Lodge Invicta Parmelia with Thistle No 180 in August 2010.

In respect to the building, its construction commenced in 1957. A little history of Freemasonry in Fremantle leading to the current location of the lodge is published by Heritage Western Australia [2].

"The original Masonic Hall was located at the corner of Mouat Street and Marine Terrace, and opened in 1877. This continued to be the lodge of the Fremantle Masons until 1958, when a new Masonic Hall was opened for Fremantle Lodge no.1033. Initially identified as being in Amherst Street, the place was constructed as a substantial two-storey brick building, including two lodge rooms (60x40ft at ground floor, and 53x40 ft at first floor) and two ‘festive board halls’, each equipped with kitchens. A newspaper article announcing that the place has begun to be used, dated 5 June 1958, notes that only the smaller lodge room and its associated hall below had been fully completed at that time. The original Masonic Hall was purchased by the Navy Club at this time."

[1] WAC #2 The Fremantle Lodge, Fremantle, WA, Australia - Masonic Temples on

[2] Reference:
Heritage Council (n.d.). Fremantle Masonic Hall, Chalmers Street. Retrieved from inHerit - State Heritage Office
Well here's a mixture of older and more recent in London. I quite like the skyline but there are many who are appalled.

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The picture is very much my liking, but the skyline, well, ah oh, not so much. Very recognisable but there are the best parts of it. I’ve been in love with the London Town since my first visit. It feels like home, I have unexplainable bond with it. These new builds give me a serious heart ache :(