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Thought I'd create a space for those very short-term assignments - a morning's stroll.

So it's Sunday morning. Sun's just up so best go check the fences of one of our paddocks.

Right, down the hill and through the fence - after I check the electrics are off :eek: - no need for gates.
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Morning stroll - step 518 by stillshunter, on Flickr

Then down to the dam
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Morning stroll - step 1138 by stillshunter, on Flickr

Over the dam wall and down towards the fence, always have to check around these granite boulders for new wombat's the current horse paddock you see.

Morning stroll - step 3318-19 by stillshunter, on Flickr

Down to the old barbed wire fence, the neighbour has his cows and bull in this paddock - and ours are only one more over - so best ensure there's no incentive to create a larger herd on either side.

Morning stroll - step 3462 by stillshunter, on Flickr

All looks good along the span. All been downhill, but now it's all on the up and up and up....

Morning stroll - step 7866 by stillshunter, on Flickr

A long trudge up the hill. Check another few stretches and make my way home. Feet are wet from the dew and my puffs leaving me. Time for a breather, but home is in sight.

Morning stroll - step 12643 by stillshunter, on Flickr

Back to a coffee and a change of socks. Relaxed in knowledge that all's well......for that paddock anyways. Only 5 others to go, but I have the rest of the day.


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I like your stroll, Mark. Whenever I see your shots around your home, I start getting a hankering to go bush again. I was brought up in Wagga and I miss the bush terribly at times, I think it gets in your bones or something. Thanks for a lovely morning stroll.


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Was my pleasure to share and humbling to read your kind words! Thanks all.

Funny world this, the sun's on it way down now and soon I'll be in the Land of Nod. But when I wake, my northern friends will be making ready for their day's end. So I look forward to returning from Nod, the sun peeking for over my horizon, logging in to my little laptop, and seeing the morning strolls of some of my good friends on here.




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Sadly this morning it has been dull, overcast and with curtains of rain sweeping across the fields from time to time, so not a morning for photography, nor a stroll when, like me, you wear glasses. So I've had to post a couple from better days taken from the top of the lane that runs up the hill past my cottage, apologises to those who have seen them before.




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