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That's one of the new Continental GT's, John. Good stuff! Was it a test ride? Would you rather have that or a Trumumph Bonneville?

Heading up to the Catskills tomorrow to visit the Motorcyclepedia museum in Newburgh and some vintage MX racing up at Unadilla. I'll let you know how it goes, but first impressions are that it's a wonderful toy. Only 29hp so it's not in the same class as the Bonnie which can be used like a real motorcycle. This thing is not much changed from when it was introduced in the 1940/1950s.
How bad can they be? They've been updated quite a bit over the past few years.

Quick story...

When I was returning the press bike, I hit a stretch of highway and thought to myself, "I wonder if this thing can hit the ton*?" So I waited for a small downhill stretch without traffic, wound it out, assumed the aerodynamic position (butt back on the single seat saddle, knees and elbows tucked in tight, helmet's chinbar just above the tank), and held on.

Being a thumper, the thing shook mightily as I went for it, and without a fairing the wind was rushing over the clocks and over my helmet. When the road tilted upward, I gave up. I didn't quite hit the ton, but I was proud that the bike held together and had not shaken itself to bits.

And then I looked down at tachometer and noticed that the chrome trim ring was missing, clearly a victim of my misguided attempt. On the other hand, I've done a thousand miles on the Royal Enfield so far and nothing mechanical has failed or gone awry. I'm even contemplating a cross-country tip next year with one...

* For those in law enforcement, I mean the metric ton, or 100km/hr. For all others, you know what I'm talking about...

Jock Elliott

Hall of Famer
Troy, NY
Luckily I can ride and not have to worry about ownership. They are such visceral machines.


Lost in the Catskills on a Royal Enfield Continental GT
by John Flores, on Flickr

Looks like a classic cafe racer, (if I recall correctly( a la Dunstall Dominator and Norton Commando. Great photo!

Reminds me of a great caption on a Cycle World cartoon: "Come, let us -- even as of ourselves -- seek the lightning spirit of our steeds . . . "

Cheers, Jock

Cheers, Jock

Dewi Sant

Lancashire, England
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On Friday I took a run over to Silverstone to photograph the practice sessions for the British round of the Moto GP. Silverstone was it's usual bleak, cold place dispite the bright sunshine, it's always cold there no matter when you choose to go. Struggling with an ailing camera, the light meter of which is now a very hit and miss affair, I managed some shots but the day hammered home just how much in need I am of a new Canon body.

Lots of expense going on at the moment with revamping my garage and insulating it all aganst the coming winter cold - "winter is coming" - and a new / old car is arriving soon - imported from Japan in June but been at a restorer's place since. As soon as all that's sorted I will most definitely be on the hunt for another camera body, which will be either a Canon 7D or 70D or if I can stretch to it a used full frame 1D. Anyway - Friday's photos .......... Hope you like.

Andrea Dovizioso on the Works Ducati.


One of the racing Espargaro brothers (both race in MotoGP) - this is Pol



Valentino (Vale' say "Vallay" ) Rossi leaning the Yamaha M1 into his namesake corner at Vale.


Team mate of Mac Marquez, Dani Pedrosa on the Works Repsol Honda


Loris Baz - up close and personal


One of the Moto 2 riders



Valentino Rossi at the end of the final session



Pol Espargaro's team mate,British rider, Bradly Smith at Beckets on the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha


Jorge Lorenzo - he's a contender to win the championship this year, he's hungry for it and riding like a demon


Vale "on it" through Stow


Dovizioso at Stow


Bradley Smith waves to his Brit fans at the end of the final session - nice lad is Bradley.


And a couple after playing about in Silver Efex - I love that thing :)

Alvaro Bautista


Marc Marquez leads a gaggle through Beckets

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