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The Lowlands
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I already own a 4-wheeled oldtimer, I totally skipped the motorized 2-wheeler stage in my life....though I fear my midlife crisis might hit soon. :biggrin:

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Our convoy escorts consisting of Harley-Davidson WLA motorcycles during the "Seventh on the Move" Tour in 2012
Epson R-D1 with Voigtländer-Cosina 35mm f/1.7 Ultron (images stitched together)


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Fremantle, Western Australia
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Lone Rider by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

This rider I suspect had no idea of my existence as I sat on the summit of the Barlangi Rock having camped here overnight. This is a very remote area so to see a rider, let alone a lone rider was unusual.

Barlangi Rock has a long history, going back some two billion years when a meteorite slammed into what is now outback Western Australia. The impact left a 70-kilometre-wide scar on the land known as the Yarrabubba impact crater. Sadly, the crater is no longer visible.


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Do 360 cameras count as "serious compacts"?

Wow. Just Wow! My "Arm Chair Travels" just went somewhere I didn't know existed! Really enjoyed your 360 trip. I see you like the "3 second rule" for following others on the road, as I do. Used to ride years ago, and see not much has changed...the farm implement driver didn't see you, as did the pickup that backed out into the highway in front of you. This video would be good for new riders, as you probably know.

Being able to look at your speed, as you travel, and look around at the scenery was unreal.

Thanks for posting!


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Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
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Miguel Tejada-Flores
My Vespa has a new set of tires. so of course I am out and about, trying them out.
But paused here* just to admire the view briefly...

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* here is looking towards the foothills of the Cascades mountains, just outside of Talent, Oregon, my hometown.
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