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O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Jun 5, 2012
Austin, TX
ELIOT OVERLOAD! Too much goodness in one post!
the thread needed more photos!
motorcycle shots... i have more of them than i do anything else put together! i could blow this thread up! hahaha!
i attend a lot of the texas CMRA races and trackdays here with a large group from austin.
one weekend i had over 3k photos i had to sort into folders by rider when we had a bunch of new people all come at once(the new people always want lotsa pics.. theyre always the most boring pics... theyre new... they dont care... lol)

motorcycles is the reason i had to upgrade my computer! i needed a bigger hd, and had to buy an external! it was crazy...
thankfully, this year im barely doing any motorcycle events.. im SO tired of roasting in the heat! :D


supernatural anesthetist
Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
It's never going to win any photo competitions , but that's not the point. I'm in love !
I called up my dad and said " dad, I look good on this one"he said " could I swing my leg over it"
I said " probably not "
He said " no chance then "
It was worth a try and we had a good chuckle about it followed by stories of his past machines. Great stuff


supernatural anesthetist
Sep 9, 2011
Cumbria UK
My first attempt at a cruiser was a rocket. I tried to like it for ten months. I just dont feel right on a machine if my feet are farther forward than my shoulders. This is me on the way to trade it in.

49HDR by sucofni, on Flickr
My favorite I only had for about 3 months. She who must be obeyed did not like the pillion position.

Garrys Bike by sucofni, on Flickr
I loved it. A real motercycle !
This was my last model. A nutter of a bike. Made me ride like a complete loon !

P1010887 by sucofni, on Flickr
I no longer ride, prefering to spend my free time with my dogs and cameras.
I can still feel the pull though, and the Diaval is tugging real hard !

Please excuse the abismal quality of the photographs :frown:


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
The Yamaha in the second shot (I forget the letters) was never sold in the US to my knowledge to the considerable lamentation of many moto-journalists. I looked at Rocket but ended up with a used Road King.

john m flores

Aug 13, 2012
I haven't had a chance to ride the Diavel, but the Multistrada behind it is exquisite. That may be my next bike.

That Yamaha is B-King IIRC.

And the KTM 690SM is tasty. If you don't break the law with that thing you are likely dead already.

Dewi Sant

Dec 20, 2013
Lancashire, England
These shots were taken during a bike tour in Canada with my son. We flew over from Manchester in the UK, hired a couple of bikes in Vancouver then rode out to the Icefields Parkway in Alberta and back to Vancouver via Jasper, Clearwater, Lillooet and Pemberton. This is the Icefields Parkway shot on an old Canon A650 compact that was held onto the bars of "my" bike with a homemade mount. We're hoping to go back and ride more of Canada in 2015

D :)


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