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Cabin in the woods ....
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Gosh - don't, it wasn't a slur on your content, just stating a fact! Old, as many things, is in the eye of the beholder!

Hi M. I didn't think is was a slur, after posting it and looking at all the other photos on that thread I had decided to delete it and post it else where and right when I was going to delete it petrochemist post showed up and I deleted it. I don't think the shot was appropriate for this thread and I agree with him. Cameraderie is a great forum, my favorite photo forum out there.


Sunny Frimley
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First picture, the guys walking ahead towards the Royal Albert Hall. Second is the back view with the RA Hall behind. We walked from Notting Hill through the park to get to the RA Hall for a performance of Matthew Bourne's CarMan. It's dance essentially, there was a live orchestra and of course it was playing Carmen, Bizet. Was a fantastic show although we had blisters from walking in our silly shoes afterwards and had to get a taxi back to the car park. It was a 2 hour drive home, an awful lot of roads in London now have a 20 mph speed limit ..... then the M4 was closed by Heathrow .....


Hall of Famer

Finnish Jaguar Drivers' Club visited Malmgård manor​

Same family have lived in this manor over 400 years. New manor was built 1885 in place of old one. We were hosted by count Creutz himself.


Parking spots guided by the count himself, so why not


The cars and the manor seemed to belong together


Italian chandeliers - one of which got smashed by future count and his brother when playing tennis inside 🙄 Luckily spare parts were bought in 1880 so refurbish-able


Family portraits, remark the importance of floor in paintings, it was brand new and freshly assembled at that time


Laptop at the times, model year 1600


Oldest volumes from 17th hundred


Four seasons, winter not visible


Quality never goes out of fashion, original flagged floor from 1885 in the hall


Shells are original, taken inside for winters. The lady of the times usually decides whether shell decorations are in favour or not. This time is shell time

Thanks for the visit
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