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Dec 22, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark

Tilman Paulin

Nov 15, 2011
Vancouver B.C.
in camera panorama.....luckily Kiki didn't move while I was panning (I tried more after realizing I blew out the highlights, but she wouldn't sit still with all the clicking going on)

catorama by Luke Lavin, on Flickr
looks very cinematic... maybe "The Catfather", making you an offer you can't refuse :)

(oh and there's nothing wrong with gracefully blowing the highlights :) )


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Nov 12, 2010
Colac Bay in the rain is fantastic! The colours, the dynamic weather, the leading lines... if I may criticize it a little, the horizon isn't quite smoothand there's a pretty strong halo around the mountain on the left. Apart from those niggles, I think it'd be a really cool image to print and hang on your wall!

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