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Keep them coming, thanks.

"New kid on the block".:)
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Selling "Bentheimer Bunte".:)
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Herman, I'm sorry that I missed this thread until now. Ah, I see, I was away on my vacation when you started it. That probably explains it.

The photo of the little boy is charming. Even though you didn't manage to get his whole head, it is still a keeper! He is so sweet and the eye contact is just perfect!
javier - you have an ability to take shots of attractive young women - how do you get away with it

keep em coming

Thanks. Actually, it is my opinion that most ladies love to have their pictures taken. So I usually raise the cam and take their picture. My wife will tell you I get away with it because of my green eyes and smile, but I don't buy that. :)
Love the way you've chosen to use the light and shadow to zero in on this passenger - plus the extra added attraction of great color, Olli! This particular passenger's coloring works perfectly with your shot. Good eye!!
Well..... I haven't done a days street photography for such a long time... but seeing the photos around the site, got me in the mood to have a go again. However, I have to say it really helps having a little LX5, to drop in the hand and take images at low level whilst walking...:rolleyes: A critique would be helpful to kick me into having another go in order to improve on technique. :) (Really enjoyed the day though....;))

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Mal, I like the third one best just because it shows the interaction between these two ladies. It makes me want to know or try to guess what they were talking about - especially with the look on the face of the lady on the left. The same is true to a lesser extent of number four.

I agree that number two also works because it shows something of the character of the place with the red letter box and the signs.