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Just an experiment

After a word with BBW.... I have been persuaded to try Flickr rather than Picasa to display my images on the site, in order to increase the pixel size (who says old dogs can't learn new tricks) so here goes.... :eek:


LX5 / I.A. - waist level shot, levelling, short crop, no manipulation on colours etc.
Michael - are you sure you want to encourage that? Looks like you could end up with a lot of cleaning up to do.

Javier - 'Rent A Cop' Love the contrast between the hunk in the poster and the chubby cop. Doesn't look like he could catch you even if he wanted to.
In Tirana Park

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I took this shot a few years ago when living in Tirana, Albania. These two elderly gentlemen sat down on the bench across from me and started chatting. It was quite normal for people to get dressed up to go for a walk in the park on Sunday. At one point the gentleman on the right got up and started doing some stretching exercises, still in his overcoat and hat.

This was taken with my 'unserious' compact Canon A520.
Javier, your images of the beach and LA in general are excellent and bring me back to a time I use live in Huntington Beach many years ago. In many respects though, not that much has changed and your b&w treatment makes the images seem a little more timeless, at least to me.