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Was this spontaneous or did you stage it?
You are SEEMINGLY pretty close to this beauty. Maybe you weren't and you have a great zoom?
If this was not staged, did she know you captured her in that moment in time? (Am I breaking forum etiquette by asking this? If "Yes" I will edit my post. Kindly let me know)
Completely spontaneous and yes quite close, she knew about it afterwards. As the EXIF data shows, it was taken on my 25mm/f1.4
Good Evening,

The tradition at the school I teach at is to celebrate the senior class during Homecoming Week. This group of seniors, I fondly refer to as the "Wrecking Crew" of girl's soccer...four of them are my students as well. They know me as "The Senior Senior" and keep me safe from the forces of evil...:). We had a huge thunderstorm within 5 minutes after this photo was taken, putting an end to the tailgate party, at least outside...;)



Senior Girls Soccer Crew - Tailgate Party.jpg