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I'm getting curious about the details and coloroutput of Sigma cameras, they may all be equiped with a 3 layer sensor, though I'm not sure about that.
I don't have a Sigma camera, that's why I do look forward to your images.
Thanks in advance.


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Herman, the Sigma DP thread we have here have many examples of photos taken with a three-layer sensor. Looking at downsized images may not be ideal if you're interested in truly judging the quality of Foveon. If you have a fast internet connection, Carl Rytterfalk has a pack of RAW files available for download. You can then edit and play with them with Sigma Photo Pro. Have fun!

Some other Foveon examples:

SD15 Photo Gallery by Georges Noblet at
DP2 DP2S Photo Gallery by Georges Noblet at
SIGMA SD14 Photo Gallery by Georges Noblet at
5D Mark II vs SD14 - a set on Flickr
DP1 supermix.. - a set on Flickr


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These were taken with my SD14 and 300mm f4 HSM.

I will try to find a couple of my favourites that come from my SD14 and post them here later. I can't seem to find them right now...


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