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Grave marker 8342 is located in section 60 of the Arlington National Cemetery and marks the final resting spot of U.S. Army LTC Joe Fenty who was killed in combat action in Afghanistan on May 5, 2006 just shy of his 42nd birthday.

I didn't know Joe in life, but have come to know a lot about him through his wife and mutual friends who did know him. After his passing, his wife and young daughter (5 yrs old this year) moved in across the street from me. His daughter was born while he was deployed, and he never got to see her in person in this life. From what I have learned first hand and by articles on the web, he was a remarkable man and revered by his troops and had accomplished some great things in life and had the promise of many more to come.

Any day I am feeling a little sorry about something or am having a bad day, a quick glance across the street and a little reflection usually beings things back into perspective for me. Joe has moved on to the promise of a better life, but for his wife and daughter, the sacrifice continues, as often is the case for families all over the world after a soldier is killed in action.

Joseph J. Fenty, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

GF1 & 20mm

Thanks Herman

I started adding a copyright notice to my images about 4 or 6 months ago. In Australia, copyright is automatic and there is no requirement to add a notice but I found my photos, particularly the early morning seascapes, appearing on a number of Christian and Creationist sites, used without my authorisation or credit to me. Worse still, some were being credited to other Christian/Creationist sites that had previously stolen my work.

I am sorry, but I don't find theft very Christian so everthing posted on the internet now carries a notice.


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Taken with a Contax G2, the first one on Kodak Elite Chrome 100 and converted to B&W with Silver Efex. The second one on Kodak BW400CN.




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I love this thread. Thank you Peter and Antonio for reviving it. No pun intended.

Peter, your black and white pictures are so poignant - definitely a good choice to go with the simplicity of of b&w, I think. The angel and the cross with the blue jean jacket and beer bottle are so good together. The sadness and loss is heavy.

Glorious black and white images, Antonio.

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