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I know I've used the Hmmmmm emoji twice on your pics of this . . . whatever it is. I am totally perplexed as to its form or purpose.
Easy answer, Tony. It's one of several objects of local artists who have specialized on woodwork. And as with most art - especially of modern times - you stand there and ask yourself 'what the heck is this?'. There is a nice saying in Germany for such objects where people have difficulties in deciding what it is: "Ist es Kunst oder kann es weg?" (Is it art or can it be trashed?"). And it did happen indeed in one of the German museums that cleaning ladies disposed of one exhibit by Joseph Beuys and thus destroyed it forever.

So no need to be perplexed, Tony, just enjoy as I did surrounding it and taking pics.
Quite often when you ask yourself 'what does the artist want to tell us?' the answer is simply *nothing* ... he just wants to do the same thing we try (and succeed in) as photographers at times, too: providing a completely new and unexpected (surprising) view on things around you.

And btw, when I see your *hmmm* emoji under one of my pics I contentedly lean back knowing I've just achieved that.


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Another of the many post-wildfire-urban-landscapes that dot the small Oregon town where I live, which survived an unexpected and rather terrifying wildfire that swept through parts of the town, a little more than a year distant. Most of the devastated areas have been cleaned and houses and buildings are being rebuilt; but in some spots, it takes longer.

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