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In Oregon, over the past few years, there has been a profusion of excellent artisan or craft beers, produced by tiny (often one-man or one-person) breweries, in both small towns and large cities. All the choices and flavors and possibilities are rather nice if you happen to like beer. (As I do.) Interestingly, there seems to be a parallel movement among craft distilleries, both across the state and the entire 'Northwest' (Oregon, Washington State, and northern California) - of distillers who produce some fine (and often quite affordable) 'small-batch' whiskies, bourbons, vodkas, et alii.

Today, I noticed there are even special handcrafted artisan Gins for....the canine crowd.


Dean Smith

According to meteorologist, in the coastal bend area of Texas dust from the Sahara is beginning to blow into the area. Benefit is enhanced reds and yellow in sunrises and sunsets; however, people with allergies and respiratory problems will have dificulties. The dust is just beginning to move into the area.
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