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Scott Depot, WV, USA
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This was taken years ago with a Pentax K-30. I've no idea what lens I was using. The EXIF says 35mm, but I don't remember ever having a Pentax 35mm; perhaps the 18-55mm kit lens?

EDIT: Ah-ha. I'm betting it was the M42 mount Flektogon 35mm f2.4, and I entered the FL manually for the camera's IS.



New Zealand
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Toss up between here or the Unofficial Impressionist Picture forum.
The "image" is on a retaining wall supporting the highway approach to a major rail overbridge.
Over the years the retaining wall has been painted a number of different colours, including brown and at least two shades of blue.
Water and road grime from the road above drains through a joint in the concrete. In doing so, various of the layers of paint have been worn away to reveal the underlying layers. Grime and debris have subsequently been deposited on the wall.
The end result has the somewhat impressionistic appearance of a woman with long hair. With a little imagination one could believe that she is holding the plant growing from the joint in the wall.

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