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The Netherlands
For example: of your life, of how you look like, of...anything.
I took this picture with G1 plus 14-45 lens, I like the reflections of the bridge into the water of a canal.
Looking forward to your pics, thanks in advance.

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Will, I have to say I love that first one - and it's not just because that's George Clooney smiling back at me, but it helps.;) Seriously, I think it works so beautifully because his is such a recognizable and well known face.

Lots of nice shots in here by everyone and all so distinct!
Very creative, José - and an extremely clean and beautifully reflective floor it is! I'm afraid my floors don't look anywhere near as nice. That was a great idea!
Thanks, BB, but it's a bit misleading. Reflective surfaces seem more reflective at a sharp angle. In fact, if you look carefully, you'll see some warping of the floorboards toward the left side.

But I like to sit on the floor, and I can never get bored with a camera in my hands :)
Bill, I'm glad to see you are still using your E-P1 and enjoy seeing your self-portrait reflection in that shop window, surrounded by all those bright hued buoys of color - be they untethered sheep, sailboats, lampshades or picture frames! That second one...sends tremors through my head when I look at it! How the heck did you do that? Was that your parting shot of jolly old England? Seriously, I'd like to know.

Antonio, have to hand it to you again on your well thought out, well executed, witty black and whites - I love this because it makes me laugh and the juxtaposition between you and your son, the new and old cameras...well I own't belabor it but it's witty and a great photo - nice legacy, too!

Kathy thanks for both - for a minute I thought the first was the finished version of the second! I have to say that those multiple cloud reflections are fantastic...not to mention the blue skies and the shadows. Great idea to post them both together.

And John, thanks so much for this - I must know what gave your lovely landscape this old time colorized's not just the muted colors..but it has a very hand-painted quality. I don't know if you're familiar with Wallace Nutting but this version of your scene reminds me so much of one of his photos.
BB, that image was taken in mid-afternoon in hazy/cloudy/ but bright conditions and was blown out quite a bit. I salvaged it a bit using either Nik's Viveza 2 or Color Efex Pro and Aperture 3. Any attempt to imitate Mr. Nutting was purely by accident! But thanks anyway for the kind works and the link. I'll tour the site later. J