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Dec 29, 2013
It's amazing that people still need typewriters.
That's on Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin, Germany, along the old parade route through East Berlin - so I'm pretty sure it's just a nostalgia collection of former GDR produce (there's a scooter in the back of the same room, hard to see on this image because I emphasised the reflection). That said, my mother refuses to touch a computer (she even dusts off *around* my father's laptop) and still uses a late 70's electric typewriter (or her own 50's mechanical one, but her hands are not as strong as they were, and the thing's heavy, too ...).



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Feb 3, 2012
Having grown up on an original typewriter (and carbon paper as a tell tale - no White Out cheats in that class), I can appreciate with some nostalgia the physical feedback of the full-depress keys, the smell of the lubrication oil and the satisfaction of the carriage return lever. I do not miss the awful backless stenography stool and no wrist support (fingers on point!). I cheered when those Brother brand hybrid word processors with the tiny mono-LED displays and built-in correction came on market.

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