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Here some interesting history about the VW Polo and Golf Harlequin

and this one as well

From the article

It is said that just around 250 examples of the Golf Harlequin were made and shipped to dealers in Mexico, Canada, and mostly the US. While the Golf Harlequin would retail for an additional $150 over the standard model, dealers struggled to push them off the showroom floor. It is reported that dealers would change body panels to match the colors and sell them to clear the inventory. Some were said to have been repainted even.

There is a global stereotype that Germans aren’t very funny. But the Polo and Golf Harlequin confirm that they take their sense of humor very seriously. What started as seemingly a silly humorous ad, tuned out to be an icon that car coveted by enthusiasts. The Polo and Golf Harlequin achieved the brief to be cemented into the minds of people. While it wasn’t a massive success in sales which wasn’t even its initial intention, it was a genius advertising move. It put the Polo and the Golf on the map, if it hadn’t been well established already.