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Aug 13, 2011
Northern NH, USA
Here's some shots of my mom's Mustang, a few before it was washed, a few after it was washed, and one right before we put it away for the winter.

Before wash:

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DSC_0007.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

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DSC_0010.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

After wash:

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DSC_0012.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

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DSC_0014.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

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DSC_0013.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

Before putting it away:

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DSC_0015.jpg by Scythels, on Flickr

The lighting today was a bit sub-optimal for the paint (it's metallic and has some sparkle to it) but I think they came out ok after some light editing in lightroom ;)


Oct 1, 2011
London, England
Have you seen the Napier-Railton driving arround the museum and what's left of the track? It's awesome!! The power and noise is like watching a Spitfire taxiing!
No, unfortunately but even as a static display you can see the power. I saw the Riley on the track the last time I went. As Brooklands is not far from me I think I will take my X100 for an outing next year.

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