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I believe the Super, at least in the 50s, was the slightly longer wheelbase version. You know how they sell the big cars with a longer version, like an Audi A8 or Audi A8L - the Super was basically the big car (Roadmaster?) with a longer wheelbase. Not sure if this was true into the 60s. I suspect the Special was the big car in a slightly higher trim (so, short wheel base of their big car, but with a higher trim).

Welcome over @rloewy !
Oh yeah...holy crap, it was so normal seeing @rloewy post photos of cars it didn't even occur to me! Welcome indeed!

Ok, I got my lenses cleaned, my cards cleared, my batteries charged, and my verbs conjugated. Today are the Nostalgia Drags, top fuels rails, funny cars, Alcohol funny cars, gassers, etc. Nothing newer than 1979 allowed. Last big event of the season.


Hi, what's your set up? Do you have a camera in the back? Who's driving? Nice photos. How long have you been shooting Vehicles?
Not sure what Camera in the back means.

I shoot Micro 4/3, I have a small camera (E-PL7) mostly for hiking and / or small lens and a slightly bigger camera (OMD E-M1) for bigger lens. San Diego has a lot of car events, especially in the summer, there is at least one cruise night every week within short driving distance from my home, we have cars and coffee and lots of other events, my family likes to sleep late and I don't, so early morning shows are always something I get to do, and I love night shooting, so I try to shoot the cruise nights if possible.

I try to rotate my lens for the events just to keep me entertained. I tend to shoot a lot of manual focus in recent time, either old lens (anything from 1940s Kodak 16mm cine lens, the 63mm f-2.7 is my favorite, for example) to modern manual lens (mostly Rokinon / Samyang). I also shoot a lot of Minolta Rokkor lens from the 60s and 70s. I do have some old 4/3 lens (14-54, 50-200, 11-22 etc...) that I sometimes shoot with. I have some modern Micro 4/3 lenses as well, but none of the Pro stuff, so they are usually light lens for hiking / road trips. Whenever I go to a car event I usually take just one camera and one lens with me, to force me to shoot with it - even if is uncomfortable. I tend to prefer telephoto lens for car events, it is harder to use when the cars are parked and there are many people around but make for better, imho, driving photos.


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Crazy day yesterday at the Nostalgia Nationals. Lots of blown engines, chutes popping early, cars breaking. A lot of delays. A 1943 Willys crashed and rolled when the yoke that holds the rear axle in place broke. The car went sideways in the shutdown area and rolled 3 times. Driver walked away uninjured.

Some good stuff too. Lots of noise and speed. An A/A Nostalgia Funny Car called "Mad Max" made a 255mph 5.45 second pass. Slow by today's standards, but that's the fastest I've ever seen a nostalgia car go. The driver said it was their fastest pass. I was unfortunately on the other side of the track and paying attention the car nearer me, the Chi-Town Hustler, so my photos of Mad Max are limited. The Hustler crew did a great job too, their pass was 238mph and 5.75 seconds. It was a great matchup.

I made this for the Mad Max crew.
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DSC07239_01 by Shotglass Photo, on Flickr

Chi-Town Hustler. This is a tribute car.
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DSC07234 by Shotglass Photo, on Flickr