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Not sure what Camera in the back means.

I shoot Micro 4/3, I have a small camera (E-PL7) mostly for hiking and / or small lens and a slightly bigger camera (OMD E-M1) for bigger lens. San Diego has a lot of car events, especially in the summer, there is at least one cruise night every week within short driving distance from my home, we have cars and coffee and lots of other events, my family likes to sleep late and I don't, so early morning shows are always something I get to do, and I love night shooting, so I try to shoot the cruise nights if possible.

I try to rotate my lens for the events just to keep me entertained. I tend to shoot a lot of manual focus in recent time, either old lens (anything from 1940s Kodak 16mm cine lens, the 63mm f-2.7 is my favorite, for example) to modern manual lens (mostly Rokinon / Samyang). I also shoot a lot of Minolta Rokkor lens from the 60s and 70s. I do have some old 4/3 lens (14-54, 50-200, 11-22 etc...) that I sometimes shoot with. I have some modern Micro 4/3 lenses as well, but none of the Pro stuff, so they are usually light lens for hiking / road trips. Whenever I go to a car event I usually take just one camera and one lens with me, to force me to shoot with it - even if is uncomfortable. I tend to prefer telephoto lens for car events, it is harder to use when the cars are parked and there are many people around but make for better, imho, driving photos.
thanks, I was referring to some kind of remote camera setup, like a reverse dash cam. But you explained everything properly


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1974 260Z
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Speaking of SAAB, of course they are the aircraft builders of our Air Force's JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet, but I was surprised to find this rarity in the streets a few weeks ago

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These cars were designed with Alfa Romeo, supposedly, when Alfa signed on the project, Saab decided it was not good enough and redesigned portions of it for better build quality. It was sold as the Fiat Chroma, Lancia Thema and the Alfa Romeo 164. While the Saab version was better built, the Alfa Romeo version is the most of the lot to drive.