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What age do they generally live to?
The average appears to be 20. This one is easy to remember because we got him within a month or two of our youngest son being born.

Edit: my wife is a reptile whisperer. She got a baby boa constrictor when she was 11 and it lived 42+ years! She still has three snakes including Stormy here.
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A turtle gets attacked by mosquitoes or gnats as soon as he comes out of the water.

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These two have been hanging around on the same log for two weeks now. I don't know if they're related, but I've named them Laurel and Hardy.
Let's hope these beautiful turtles had a meal of some of the gnats. Nice shots. I love turtles and probably have a hundred little statues in wood, stone, and metal of them. Somehow, they just make me happy.