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LOL. thanks, I forgot to include my road. Seams to be a real road TO NOWHERE.
Here we go.



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Slapton Line

A not very good photograph taken on a dull, overcast morning (this morning) through the top deck front window of a moving bus on the main road from Kingsbridge to Dartmouth travelling north along what is known locally as "Slapton Line" or indeed just "The Line". The road is built on the top of the shingle ridge that separates the sea (English Channel) on the right from the fresh water of Slapton Ley on the left.
This area was used in the months running up to the invasion of Europe in 1944 for seaborn landing practice by American troops.
The dog is "Finn" and the barely visible gentleman on the bike is "Alan" from the village of Torcross at the south end of the line.


Panasonic GF1 with 15mm, f/4.5 Super Wide-Heliar @ f/8, 1/800 sec, iso 400

Here's a view taken last summer from higher ground inland showing the southern end of the line and the village of Torcross


Panasonic G1 with 105mm, f/2.8 Sigma DG Macro



Old Codgers Group
i managed to find this spot on Google street-view !

I went that way walking between Chillington and Frogmore this morning, avoiding the main road, then decided to get the bus home but a friend drove by and gave me a lift. I should have gone up there a couple of weeks ago, I've not seen so many snowdrops along a hedge as there are between Loo Cross and Frogmore.


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