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Lota, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Larry Griffiths
Not if you follow the link I provided in my fairly prompt edit ... ;) .

I have always loved limericks, but do realise that they can be crude, offensive or often politically incorrect.

BTW, I consider the latter to be one of the greatest dangers to our free societies - when people of good spirit cannot even mention certain very important social topics without being pilloried for it!

It has taken our "national broadcaster", the ABC, TWO YEARS to realise that Australia is either first or second in the world for the installation of "green energy" - solar panels - all the while pillorying our federal government for doing nothing on this precise issue. God help you if you contradicted them, or their fellow travellers ...

Household solar panels have been (generally) funded 25% federal government, 25% state government and 50% property owner/occupant.

BTW, the ABC is 100% funded by the federal government.
AND Australia has been at that position on the scoreboard for at least four years ...
I gave up paying any attention to the ABC years ago. Their selective reporting was driving me batty. To make a reasonable decision, you need to hear both sides of the argument. That includes views with which you may disagree or find offensive.


Northern MN
Freshwater Seascape on Lake Superior, Michigan Shore.

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Arcadia Marsh on Michigan's west shore is a huge attraction for bird lovers. In this shot I am shooting from the road causeway that transits the marsh. Here, I am looking out toward Lake Michigan which is all open water at this point. The marsh is still waging a battle with ice as you can see here. The majority of the marsh is actually behind me as I took this shot and is still completely ice covered. It won't be long though before it all frees up and the waterfowl will be able to swim and play unimpeded.

This marsh also features nature trail boardwalks that, when the weather warms up a bit, will be on my list of places to visit this year. It's only about 45 minutes from home so there's no reasonable excuse not to go.