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OK thanks. On many sites, it takes a lot of tweaking to get the hues in the range. I appreciate the color quality here.
Thanks - great; compression does impact image quality sometimes, especially shadow definition and dynamic range, but you'll have to find out what works best for your images. I tend to go very dark sometimes, and in those cases, things can get choppy. But I put up with it - after all, I have the images processed to taste on my harddrive, and showing them online will never fully do them justice anyway.

Haven’t been shooting lately. I finally dragged my butt out for a walk around the neighborhood to see if my gear still works.
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Inside the Red Lodge, Bristol.

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As an aside, when searching for this thread, I initially typed 'Shadow' and there was one thread from the late, sadly missed Mike Gorman.
It was lovely to stumble upon a similar image from the great man and it's nice to know he still "lives on" here. :care:

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I'd like to add one to Mike's.

Edit 2: Thanks to @MoonMind.
Link posted.
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