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View attachment 234573Sydney Harbour, Fleet Review Week 2013.
Takanami Class destroyer. Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF).
Now that triggers some memories - of the cleanest Japanese sailors immaculately dressed in their uniforms, getting off the boat and walking in packs around Sydney CBD in the morning and Circular Quay later that day. I just remember them looking so smart and polite (unlike us bogans working in our offices) and grabbing everyone's attention.


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Fremantle, Western Australia
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MSC Susanna on Approach by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

MSC Susanna on approach to the head of the Swan River and Fremantle Port. Two of the three Svitver tugs standing by are in the shot.

MSC Susanna (IMO: 929053) is a container ship registered and sailing under the flag of Panama. Her gross tonnage is 107,489, and deadweight is 117,095. She was built in 2005. Her overall length (loa) is number 336.67 m, beam is 465.6 m and maximum draught is 15.50 m. Her container capacity is 9,200 teu. The ship is operated by MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company.

I photographed the MSC Susanna on her approach to berth at Fremantle Port on 25 September 2020. Her name last port of call was Adelaide and her next port of call is Singapore. Due to her size, the largest ship I have seen in Fremental, she was assisted three tugs: Svitzer Eagle, Svitzer Falcon and Svitzer Redhead

Whilst in Fremantle she was attended to by Mediterranean Shipping Company.


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Negotiating the Cobbler Channel

A routine job for the Plymouth pilot on the bridge of the 15,000 ton tanker Bro Deliver, with twin steerable propellers and a bow thruster the tug Prince Rock has little to do, although she assists when the tanker is turned through 180 degrees before going astern to the discharge wharf.
Immediately prior to this routine job the pilot carried out a more unusual job, piloting the Tall Ships Youth Trust sailing brig Stavros S Niarchos onto a floating pontoon off the village of Turnchapel. 150 years ago several of the men of Turnchapel were pilots for the Port of Plymouth.


Brig "Stavros S Niarchos"


Early the following morning in flat calm conditions the "Stavros" put to sea.


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Fleet Review Week - Oct. 2013 - Sydney Harbour

HMS Daring is the lead ship of the Type 45 or Daring-class air-defence destroyers built for the Royal Navy, and the seventh ship to hold that name. She was launched in 2006 on the Clyde and conducted contractor's sea trials during 2007 and 2008. She was handed over to the Royal Navy in December 2008, entered her base port of Portsmouth for the first time in January 2009 and was formally commissioned on 23 July 2009. Wikipedia.

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HMS Daring.jpg


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A famous lifeboat

This is the former Salcombe lifeboat "Samuel and Marie Parkhouse" which served on the Salcombe station the whole of her working life, that is from 1938 until 1962. She was specially designed to cope with the difficult conditions that can occur on Salcombe Bar where, on 27th October 1916, the lifeboat "William and Emma" capsized with the loss of 13 of her 15 man crew. One of the two survivors was Edwin Distin who was coxswain of this lifeboat for her entire working life. On 7th December 1939 this lifeboat was launched at night to go to the aid of the Belgian steamer "Louis Sheid" that had gone aground west of Salcombe off Thurlestone. Unbeknown to the lifeboat crew the Louis Sheid already had 62 survivors on board from another Belgian ship that had been torpedoed by U47 so the lifeboat had to go alongside the casualty three times in very difficult conditions evacuating people to Hope Cove where they were transferred to rowing boats that had put out from the village, all this in the early hours and in total darkness and on a falling tide. For this rescue Edwin Distin was awarded the RNLI Silver Medal and the crew all got Bronze Medals. Edwin Distin himself later won a Bronze Medal for another rescue. When he died his ashes were scattered on Salcombe Bar where 57 years earlier he'd nearly lost his life.



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