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Royal Leamington Spa, UK
I recently discovered the XPAN 65:24 aspect ratio. It's super wide, but it has a certain look to it. It's a challenge to imagine how best to compose with such a wide format, but I think when you get it right the results have some real impact. Best viewed on a wide-screen monitor of course (it doesn't really work on a smartphone!).

The Panasonic S5 that I'm now running has 65:24 as one of its selectable framing or cropping options so you can more easily preview it in the viewfinder. You can get the final result by cropping a single shot of course, but if you do two shots in regular landscape format side by side and stitch them together later then you'll get a higher res result.

Anyhow here are a few shots to kick it off. Will be interesting to see if anyone else wants to play!

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The Last Gasp of Sunlight by Paul Kaye, on Flickr
OK. I'll try.......

New Zealand "Lifestyle Block" in the late afternoon sun.

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Lifestyle Block in the late afternoon sun by Laurence Griffiths, on Flickr
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