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Rocher de la Fagettes, Alt 1237m - Chemin de Stevenson-2018-D3-12
by Andrew Priest, on Flickr

Our high point for the day, only 2.1 km from Pradelles which was to turn out to be our endpoint for walking for the day as Mademoiselle Anne's injuries just got too much. We eventually arranged for a taxi to take us the remaining few kilometres to Langogne to give Anne a chance at some recovery.

We were only a short climb from the peak of the Rocher de la Fagettes at 1265 metres but a climb was out of the question on the day.

Day 3 of 12 - Le Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas to Langogne: Walking the Chemin de Stevenson (GR 70 Robert Louis Stevenson Trail) in the south of France.

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