Show stairs..


Beesd - Gelderland - Nederland
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Jeroen Peters


Thank you.

hehe I wondered if anyone would make the connection! Well done!

I had not even heard of Evans when I took this, though, but of course it is such a photogenic spot that thousands have taken a similar photograph.

Yes, I have indeed thought about platinum, and platinum/palladium, but they are expensive processes and do require a lot of experimentation and skill to nail down one's own process. Financial and space/equipment restraints preclude pursuing any "alt" processes for the time being, but it does occupy a spot at the back of my mind.


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Didn't make the connection at all - just thought it was a good photo

Now realise it was an excellent re-creation

Cathedrals especially Gothic do nothing for me & I would never consider a career photographing them though the steps of the "New" Coventry Cathedral would (& have been) very suitable for this theme


Well as I say, I didn't recreate it consciously. I don;t recall ever having heard of Evans or seen his "Sea of steps" prior to making that photo.

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