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Apr 22, 2013
Sorry, I didn't see another thread depicting storms so I thought I'd start one. This was snapped in the parking lot at work on my way home two days ago. Luckily I was headed north. This is Tampa Bay at the Port of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Dave (via X100S)



Student for life
May 13, 2013
Thanks for starting this thread, Dave. Great to see you were able to shoot the lighting. I find a difficult thing to do.

Here are some recent shots from Mesa Verde (where the storm approached us when we were leaning the park). It was one of the most spectacular storm approaches I've seen (nope. never been in oklahoma). All taken from driving car. I believe I've posted these also elsewhere:

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one in B/W :
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this one is from Moab. Hopefully you can see the lightning (shot with tripod). There was no rain yet where I took the shot but that changed quickly:

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