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snowed overnight, which is unusual here in the South West

Christmas scene - but it is just cold, damp and misty, which is reflected in the images - not great for "photos" - but I had to get out there as I was instructed by my wife to do so, " go and take some pictures so that I can "get on with it' was the cry"

I think the dampness has brought out the dreaded LCD "coffee stain" on my M8 - anyway it's a Leica so you are supposed to "just give praise" and ignore any faults, sorry I mean't quirks

Looking down on our humble abode and back up through the back garden - just waiting for the thaw to see what leaks we have in the roof!

we should really get back to "the City" - as it's nice and warm there - Oh dear, I've just started to sneeze - my middle name is scrooge




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Yesterday, I took my new G12 for a tramp through the fields above the village. Here's a sample:

Here's a gallery:

Preuschdorf, Christmas, December 2010: G12 in the snow Photo Gallery by John Ewing at

You can leave comments on the images, e.g. "load of rubbish", "get a life", etc.

These were all shot as JPEGs at standard settings. Default G12 sharpening is a bit fierce, as you can see, and there's a bit of red/cyan fringing in places. I shot most of these on Canon's "200% dynamic range extension" and adjusted levels afterwards - I usually underexpose on purpose, anyway. Generally speaking, I'm pleased with the range of hues captured - it's almost comparable to a small SLR.

One thing I found: although I kept it in a handwarmer pocket when not shooting, using a metal-bodied camera at -7°C is a chilling experience.


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Thanks all, it was mighty chilly and deep.:wink:

Penny, I can feel the stillness and quiet as you stood in that doorway. John, your "sample" is so compelling with its subtle beauty. I haven't made it in to your gallery yet, but plan to. There's something about the countryside in snow...and seeing your image makes me wish I were there instead of in the pretty but suburban town where I am most of the time.

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