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We all love the gear, and at the rate some forum members buy new cameras (you know who you are...) I am sure some of you have serious collections. Here´s my collection of compacts consisting mostly of riff-raff, in approximate chronological order. I am defining "compact" as anything smaller than a Leica M, which means I have not included my SLRs nor my larger rangefinders.

1940s Kodak Brownie Reflex - Inherited from my grandfather. Not working now, but used it for a while when I was 11 years old and starting to get into photography.


1940s Argus A2f - Inherited from my grandfather. Camera works, but I have never taken any pictures with it. I have old photographs taken by my grandfather with it in the 1940s.


1950s Kodak Signet 35 - Inherited from my grandfather. Camera no longer works, but I also used it as a child.


1966 Minolta Autopak 700 - Ebay purchase, but identical to my grandfather´s last camera, which he also frequently let me use as a child. Uses 126 cartridge film, which is no longer available.


1966 Minolta 24 Rapid - Ebay purchase. Beautifully made camera. Uses the Rapid cartridge system, which means it can still be used if you reload old Rapid cartridges with 35mm film. I have not shot any pictures with it.


1970s Minolta Hi-Matic F - Ebay purchase. Not as well made as the Autopak 700, 24 Rapid, or the Minolta Hi-Matics of the 1960s. Very small, though.


1970s GAF 100XF - Ebay purchase. Identical to the first camera I owned as a child, bought for me by my grandfather at age 11.


1970s GAF 200XF - Ebay purchase. Same as the 100XF, except that it has a crude metering system that warns you when you should use flash.


1990s Rollei Nano 80 - Ebay purchase. APS compact. Bought solely for its looks.


2000 Olympus Stylus Epic - Bought new. Excellent 35mm 2.8 lens in a very compact body. If Oly could manage to produce something like this in digital form, it would be a hit.


2004 Kodak CX7310 - Bought as a present for my then 5 year old son. He has since upgraded to a water and shock resistant Olympus Stylus 850SW. About the same picture quality as your typical cell phone camera.


2008 Canon Powershot SD850IS - Decent picture quality. Lack of RAW capability means it sees very little use.


2009 Olympus E-P1 - My first compact camera that allowed me to leave my DSLR at home and not miss it.


2010 Panasonic Lumix G2 - This one I have owned for a week. Rapidly becoming my workhorse.





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Love these photos.... many of the cameras I recognise from my own early years.... Some of the cameras I'm showing have long gone from my collection... however, I do still have many... too precious (not in money terms) to part with...

Starting off with....

View attachment 30336

Still have this one.... the Olympus XA.... a classic.... (bought my wife the XA2)

View attachment 30337

This still video camera (Canon Ion) went west into the sunset some 20+ years ago, but it was a nice experiment away from film....

View attachment 30338

The original Leica Dlux (no number given to this model) another beauty.... sadly no longer part of my collection, but wish it was.... sorry I parted with it now....:cool:

View attachment 30339

This little Digilux zoom was quite nice (but not as special as other models), but it too went west.....

View attachment 30340

Cant part with my Minilux Zoom.... dont know if I'll ever put another film in it though... :confused:

View attachment 30341View attachment 30342

My Digilux 4.3 was cutting edge when I bought it.... and is still in use today... along with its attachments... The digicopy for slides, and the digimacro for close ups

View attachment 30343

This little Minox, has never been used and still sits in its wooden presentation box (I get it down every now and then for a closer look).... :p

View attachment 30344

Of course there is my D-lux 3.... a little 'workhorse'

View attachment 30345

And now my LX5......


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