Show "Yourself" (selfies!)

Aug 27, 2013
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
New camera, new self-portrait.
The camera is a Pentax LP.
The lens is the tiniest most minuscule pancake-style lens I think I have ever had, for any interchangeable lens camera: the Pentax DA 40 Ltd, just purchased, lightly used, from a Pentaxian.
It just arrived tonight. So this is one of the first images taken with it.
Hard to believe how small (thin) this tiny lens is.

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Jim McClain

Nov 10, 2018
Teh REAL Northern California
I've taken plenty of pictures of myself for one reason or another (I'm sure vanity is somewhere in there), but I couldn't remember if I had taken any with a camera. As it turns out, I've done plenty of that too, but not for 10 years or so. None of these are all that great, hence the small size and minimal editing. You'll have to click them, if you want to see the full size (still a smallish photo anyway).


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